Great Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials and Reviews

Great Testimonials and reviews 24/7 to guide and assist our future clients in making decisions as per Absolute Holiday Safaris services. Rate us too after we avail our services to you for our Kenya Safari Packages or Kenya and Tanzania Safaris, for any business to grow to the next level it must have a collection of Testimonials and Reviews and they give the Tourists looking for a similar experience to make a choice about the organization they will use.

Not all the Tourists share their Testimonials and Reviews experience but our humble request is to all who give us an opportunity to avail of our services to share their Testimonials and Reviews experience and enable others to be in a position to make their decision easily. The testimonials and reviews are from or Tripadvisor account and other sites where clients post their experience.

Absolute Holiday Safaris Testimonials

YI from China

This is my first visit to Kenya. I was very lucky to choose the Absolute Holiday Safaris. Entire itinerary was very reasonable and easy. The most commendable is that our guide is very professional, and work very hard. Safaris in time, our guide always rushed to the front than any other company drivers, so shoot animals visitors from all angles. I come from China, English is not good, guide their best to make me understand what he was saying. Sincerely recommend to you, choose Absolute Holiday Safaris will not make you regret it.

Jey Long & Friends, U.S.A

We went on a 15 day safari trip from Kenya to Tanzania. We got in touch with Absolute Holiday Safaris a year ago before our trip. They were very helpful with us from the beginning. They personalized road trip for us. We traveled many kilometers all around these wonderful countries. We stayed in the best lodges, we had an unforgettable balloon safari, we went camping, etc… whatever you request, they would arrange it for us. We had the time of our life and that would not be possible without the support of the good tour guides. Therefore thank you both very much for this!! We plan to come back and without a doubt, Absolute Holiday Safaris is our master for another road trip!!

Jason – United States

Colleen – United States

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