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Absolute Holiday Safaris is a well established Tour Operator based in the city Center of Nairobi.

Absolute Holiday Safaris – TRA1/47/CO1/2639 is a well established Tour Operator based in the City Center of Nairobi. We are known for organizing daily departures to several destinations in Kenya and Tanzania. Our departures comprises of Kenya Budget safaris, Kenya Lodge Safaris, Kenya private Safaris, Short Trips and Excursions, Mountaineering in Mt. Kenya, kenya and Tanzania budget safaris, Kenya and Tanzania mid range safaris, Kenya and Tanzania combined Safaris, among other safaris.


We have prepared and published most of the itineraries on our website to allow our clients to have variety to choose, in case of a special need our consultant team work perfectly with our clients to tailor and customize itineraries as per the client’s request. We are assure you that we will be happy to avail the best as per your desire. Our team will never let you down and feel free to reach us for a fast quote.


We guarantee departure for any confirmed booking by our consultants especially for the group joining tours where its our duty to get more clients and make sure there is a group for the confirmed booking. We are flexible to private safaris and they can start even in Mid day so longer as the clients are able to reach their destinations before sunset.


Absolute Holiday Safaris as its own tour safari vans for Kenya Safari and in Tanzania part all transport is done on a 4X4 safari vehicle which we have made sure our agent as. For Normal safaris in kenya we use the customized safari van but as per the clients request to upgrade to 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser we are always ready to do so.  When the bookings are high sometimes we out source the transport and guarantee our clients of their safety and delivery of the services as per the agreement before booking the safari. In case of any breakdown we do our best and make sure the clients do not waste their special time.


We have the best professional and knowledgeable driver guides who always do their best on the field, they make sure clients itinerary is followed and they are where they have to be on the right time. They spend more time with clients and help the office with highest customer service to all our clients. You will create great memories with them as you explore and discover Kenya and Tanzania. The guides are social to all clients, Flexible and really informative.


Concerning accommodations we do not have our own accommodation properties and booking are subject to availability at the safari lodges, Tented camps and budget accommodations as per our clients destinations. We will always first share what is available and in case of upgrade we will work together with our clients to see the best option available. For the budget safaris we have several options and we will always have the accommodation ready for our clients.


Once a booking is fully confirmed next is to plan where we will meet the client so as to start the holidays, we do arrange complimentary pick up either from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi residence or Nairobi Hotel. We have a special team of Junior Guides who assist us in this arrangement. After safari also there is a complimentary drop off by the same team, experience your african safari with us.


Since the mission of any business is to grow to the next level we are represented in several marketing sites such as safaribookings – a portal that cover Africa safaris among others.

Welcome to kenya and Tanzania.

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