Kicc and Town Center City Tour

Town center City Tour / Destination Nairobi/ City Center

Town Center City Tour


– Nature walk from Hotel to all the destination
– KICC entrance fee kshs.500
– Package cost and guide fee usd $30


Welcome for a Kenya Short Trips that is a Town Center City Tour amazing guided nature Walk 2021 – 2022 from your Nairobi area hotel or apartment…

The Town center City Tour is available and is scheduled to start from your town hotel or from Mama Ngina street Next to Mama Ngina Java house. Upon a confirmed booking and agreed time, our guide will be ready to take you around the city and make sure you explore and discover Nairobi better. The tour can be joined by a solo traveler or a group of tourists either locals or non-residents. A Town center city tour will leave you with a great experience that will be shared by our knowledgeable city guides.

You will start with the Kenyatta International Convention Center to view Nairobi from all directions. Walk through the Kenya Parliament and the Nairobi Viewpoint among other places with the city center. It’s a Kenya short trip and we are sure you will gain a lot from our City tour guide, explore and discover Nairobi with a guided nature walk.

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